Winnie Johnstone on Domestic Duties on the Farm

Winnie Johnstone interviewed by Robert McQuistan on 24 May 2012, High Auchenlarie.

Interviewed: 24 May 2012.
Ref: DG2-3-1-2.
© European Ethnological Research Centre, 2016.

Winnie recalls the domestic duties as a girl on High Auchenlarie farm, near Carsluith.nbsp;

WJ: When they bought the farm they converted the cheese-loft intae 3 bedrooms.

RMcQ: So how many, aye, so how many di ye have [unclear]?

WJ: That made, that made 6 bedrooms in the farm-house. [RMcQ: Right. That’s a lot.] Aye. An then she started-up the Bed and Breakfast. And the boys – the girls were allowed to stay in the house in one room during the summer period, and the other 5 rooms were let. No, the other 4 rooms were let because there was one room for the parents. And the boys were all chucked-out into what they called ‘the bothy’ [RMcQ: Get away. For the summer?] For the summer. So they made a lot, a lot o friends with the bothy boys. [sound of alarm] it’s just the roast wantin tae come back oot o the oven. We’ll leave it there. But. An there was a lot o people stayed at Auchenlarie and the bothy boys. What, dae ye no know yin a them?

RMcQ: Nut.

WJ: Wi Drew?

RMcQ: Oh, ah micht huv, ah cannae mind.

WJ: Oh, God yer aye, the bothy! Ah mean, there wis beds everywhere. An ah wis sent up there every week tae clean-oot the bothy, fir the boys. An there wis stinkin socks an dirty pants lyin everywhere! But, ye did they things in they days.

RMcQ: That wis above where they kept the tatties wis it?

WJ: Above. Above the tatties shed, aye.

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