Thomas Wilson on the Weather in Wanlockhead



Thomas Wilson interviewed by David Hutchinson.

Thomas remembers severe winter weather in Wanlockhead

  • Interviewed: 30 November 2014.
  • Ref: DG20/3/1/2.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre.

TW: It was just one special bus, it wasnae a ‘special’ bus, but, ken. It wis, it wud come up tae the village with all, ken all there was, and then obviously if there wis snow there used tae be a Tannoy announcement fir Wanlockhead pupils to obviously get go and obviously get home.
DH: Did that happen often?
TW: No, yeah. Not overly. Ah know twice that it actually happened. And, ah know once there wis somebody (ah can’t remember who it was) but we’d for to get a four-wheel drive tae come down and give three o us a lift up because the bus couldnae get up the road because the snow was that deep.
DH: Can you remember that, in the village being deep?
TW: Yeah. Yes. Oh Yes.
DH: Because I’ve only ever seen pictures. I’ve never … Yes? Can you tell me some of those stories?
TW: Ah wis young – well, ah wasn’t young/young – ah wis. Well I don’t know what age ah wis. Ah wis young an ma grandmother wis the postwoman, she was the postwoman, and ah walked round the village with her, ah was only young. An the snow wis, whow, three times as high as me [DH: Really] next tae the road. Ah’ve actually , ah’ve got sime pictures (Ah’ll dig them out) an ah’v e got a picture of me standin and it’s like ah look like a little midget stanin next tae the snow, cos the snow’s about the height o the house. Also, fae the house piled-up wi, ye know.
DH: How was it cleared from the streets? Was it …
TW: Well, if the plough could get up, the plough would do it. Nine times out o ten the plough always came up – quite scary. Ah actually, the other night … Well one night ah can actually remember of – this was a while ago now. We were sittin, waitin for wur dinner an there was this almighty clap of thunder, an ah went away, an ah thought ‘weird’. An then it started snowin an ah thought ‘Right. Here we go.’ an ah thought nothing about it, put the telly on, watched the telly, obviously shut the curtains. The Power went out and ah thought ‘ Oh ho, here we go’. So ah opened the door an ah thought ‘Oh, it’s white’ an ah says to ma granddad, ‘Look, it’s snowin!’. So, obviously we got the gas lanterns and the candles out. The dominoes, ken dominoes, and whatever to play dominoes. Half an hour later ah went an opened that door an the snow wis literally half-way – ye know how it’s where ma steps are? – it wis half way up that door an ah wis shocked. Ah wis literally shocked. That wis when that fire – ah don’t know if you ever looked into it? The bad house-fire over the road there. – [DH: Oh, yes.] That wis that and that, and the ambulance an that really struggled tae get up because of snow. Ah think they ended up, ah think they hud tae get the council up tae the emergency plough up. But that wis scary – very, very, very scary.