Pictorial and Art Works

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See also the Through the Lens series, published by Dumfries and Galloway Cultural Services:

01. Glimpses of Old Wigtownshire, 1996.

02. Glimpses of Old Whithorn, 1997.

03. Glimpses of Old South Machars, 1997.

04. Glimpses of Old Dalbeattie and District, 1997.

05. Glimpses of Old Thornhill and District,1997.

06. Glimpses of Old Queen of the South,1998.

07. Glimpses of Old Machars Farm Life, 1998.

08. Glimpses of Old Sanquhar, Wanlockhead and District, 1998.

09. Glimpses of Old Langholm and District, 1998.

10. Glimpses of Old South Rhinns, 1998.

11. Glimpses of Old Stranraer FC, 1999.

12. Glimpses of Old Characters of Dumfries and Galloway, 1999.

13. Dalbeattie Words and Sayings, 1999.

14. Glimpses of Old Maxwelltown, 1999.

15. Glimpses of Old Creetown, 1999.

16. Glimpses of Old Whithorn and Glasserton Parishes, 1999.

17. Glimpses of Old Ruthwell, Cummertrees and Mouswald Parishes, 2000.

18. Glimpses of Old Galloway Seaports, 2000.

19. Glimpses of Old Eaglesfield, Kirtlebridge, Middlebie and Waterbeck, 2001.

20. Glimpses of Old Lockerbie, 2001.

21. Glimpses of Old Kirkbean and Southwick, 2002.

22. Glimpses of Old New Galloway, 2002.

23. Glimpses of Old Newton Stewart, Minnigaff and Kirkcowan, 2002.

24. Glimpses of Old Annan Burgh, 2003.

25. Glimpses of Old Kirkdale School, Carsluith, 2003.

26. Glimpses of Old North West Dumfries, 2004.

27. Glimpses of Old Dornock and Eastriggs, 2005.

28. Glimpses Around Old Loch Ryan, 2005.

29. Glimpses of Annan Landward, 2005.

30. Glimpses of Old Glencaple and Caerlaverock, 2005.

31. Glimpses of Old Kirkmahoe, 2006.