Peter McAdam, Kirkcudbright, recalls going to Edinburgh by train for the first and last time.

Peter McAdam, 91 years old, being interviewed by Tania Gardner, 20 May 2013, in Kirkcudbright.

    • Interviewed: 20 May 2013.
    • Ref: DG13/6/1/2.
    • © European Ethnological Research Centre.

peter mcadam


Peter recalls going to Edinburgh from Dumfries by train to join the army during WWII.

PMcA: You got the papers and a pass to report to Dumfries Station. An ah got there, there wis another, 1, 2, there wis another, maybe, 4, 5 o us. An, ah cannae mind how they … we got there and we were to report tae the Music Hall on the street next tae Princes Street – ah cannae think the name o it now – [TG: In Edinburgh?] in Edinburgh. And that the, that’s the first and only time ah ever went frae Dumfries tae Edinburgh in a train. We got the train in Dumfries and we went tae Lockerbie [TG: Yes.]. An we got the train in Lockerbie tae Edinburgh [TG: Tae Edinburgh, uh hu.]. An that’s the only time ah ever did it. An when we were passin through, they were building that new aerodrome at Dumfries.

TG: At Heathhall?

PMcA: At Heathhall. They were putting the big hangers up.

TG: Really. Goodness me.

PMcA: Well, we got tae, we got tae Edinburgh, reported to the Music Hall in George Street!

TG: Was it the Playhouse or something?

PMcA: Well we caad it the Music Hall. Ah’ve went tae Edinburgh and never seen it again. We reported there, an among the persons in the group wis Tom Anderson [TG: Oh yes] an he, he wis a clerk. An he gave us a ticket an he says ‘There’s a ticket, that’ll get ye a bed at the Waverly station.’ There were 3 tiers, but ah never slept at all [TG: the noise!]. So we reported there the next morning again, back to the Music Hall where we went through a this swearin-in business. And we were told to go back home an we would we get told when we were called-up, which ah think was about another week.