Peter Alexander Scott on the summers of his youth

Peter Alexander Scott, 45 years of age, interviewed by Androulla Richford on 17 January 2013 at Wanlockhead.

Interviewed: 17 January 2013.
Ref: DG22/1/1/2.
© European Ethnological Research Centre, 2016.

Peter recalls the effect of weather on the roads in Wanlockhead.


AR: What was it like in 1976 then which was the most amazing hot summer in Great Britain for you in Wanlockhead?

PAS: Well I think in my head all summers were hot to me. It’s like, ye know in the village today (this is 2012 and we would drive around and there’s pot-holes everywhere). It didn’t seem like that back then. OK there was less traffic, but, in my head, again, it seemed that either every summer or every other summer, the council would come round and tar the roads and put down the gravel on top of it. Cos my mum was always shouting at me to wipe ma feet before ah come in. Because ah wis bringin in sticky tar, bits o gravel, all that kind o stuff. An they used to do the whole road. These days it’s just like sections or a pot-hole. But it just seemed that every summer was dry enough and warm enough. I just assumed that because the sun came out in summer-time the council fixed the road every year. It just seemed like that in ma head – it probably wasn’t.

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