Pam Walker of Collin remembers skipping and playing marbles as a child

Pam Walker interviewed by Betty Paisley on the 17th July, in Collin.
Ref: DG33-3-1-2
© European Ethnological Research Centre, 2017.

PW:  But that was it and then jist normal play things, ah liked doin throwing balls up against the wall and jumpin and we had this, do different rhymes and Mary Queen o Scots got her head chopped off and things like that.  And then skipping, it was, we used to The Wind, the Wind and it was always a boy’s name that said ‘He loved her’ and things, it was just aw, that’s what, ye didnae have a lot to play on.  At the time, there wasnae monkey bars or nothing, when ah went into primary four or five they built monkey bars and things like that in the playground.


BP:  Did you play marbles at all?


PW:  Ah did play marbles, yes, aye, yer finger along the front of,  was always covered in muck [laughs] an I used to play this guy called Sturgeon, Brian Sturgeon, his name was, he was a super, super guy, he was the top of marble players, but he used to rook aw ma marbles off me an there’d be nae point in gaun hame and cryin because she wouldnae listen tae ye, ye know, she didn’t really listen tae you aboot anything, that’s Mum of course.

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