Mrs Catherine Monteith talks about World War II

War: Mrs Catherine Monteith interviewed by Nancy McLucas for the Stranraer and District Local History Trust. Mrs Monteith recalls her experieces of WWII as a girl in Stranraer.

  • Interviewed: July 2007.
  • Ref: Tape 25.
  • © Photo: Julia MacDonald.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre & Stranraer & District Local History Trust.


NMcL: And can ye tell me with the War [WWII], when the War arrived you were only in Park [Primary School] for a year by that time?

CM: Yes well ah don’t know when we started going the half-day. Ah remember that the, the gas masks. The, the cardboard box for the gas masks and you had to carry your gas mask carry your gas mask with you. And, they had tapes on the windows so that if the windows shattered the glass wouldn’t come in, this tape would hold them.

NMcL: But ye must have done air-raid practice?

CM: Oh yes. Ye’d tae practice, yer gas mask, getting yer gas mask out and get yer gas mask on to see if you could do it – and ye were timed to see how long it would take ye tae get the gas mask on. And then, there also, there were shelters in the school. Brick shelters built in the school playground which, I remember lining-up, can’t really remember being in the shelters but ah can remember lining-up and you were taken out and lined-up, presumably to get ready to go to the shelters.