Mr Jim Wallace on Showing cattle

Mr Jim Wallace, interviewed in Stranraer by Nancy McLucas.

  • Interviewed: 18 February 2013.
  • Tape 35.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre & Stranraer and District Local History Trust.

Mr Wallace recounts to Nancy McLucas of the Stranraer and District Local History Trust his first experience of showing cattle at Stranraer Cattle Show in 1947. Mr Wallace went on to have great success throughout his career as a farmer and breeder and became a noted judge himself at shows across the UK and Ireland.



JW: Later on there was one cow in the herd at Ringuinea. I really fair took a fancy to her, I thought she was a lovely cow – Ayrshire cow of course – and I liked her very much. And I said to my father one day ‘I would like to take this cow to the Cattle Show’ but I knew father wasn’t interested in showing cattle or showing anything. He said I would only be wasting my time. So, howandever, I still entered the cow for the show. When it came near the time for the Cattle Show and father says ‘Are you still going to take that cow?’ I said ‘Ah hah I’m going to take it’, aye. So I kept the cow in good form up until the show time and we set off for the show in the morning – my first time. When the time came for the cow at last to be judged I was put into the judging ring and all the rest of the cows followed-on. So we were told to, we were to walk round the ring and you came up to the judge and if he held his hand up to stop you, you must stop and he’ll handle your beast and have a right good look at it and then tell you to walk on again. So we did that, everybody had got the chance of having a look at them. He handled them all by this time so we all walked round the ring again. Then the judge started to pull out the ones he wanted to put in the prize line. So I was pulled out first to my surprise and I stayed out in the middle of the ring there until he got them all sorted out and I stayed there till the very latest, then I got first prize!