Mr Alastair Reid talks about technology

Technology: Alastair Reid, 86 years of age, interviewed in Whithorn by Julia Muir Watt. Alastair, a native of Whithorn, is a noted poet and translator. He
lives abroad but returns frequently to Whithorn.

  • Interviewed: June 2012.
  • Ref: DG4/6/1/2.
  • © Photo: Julia Muir Watt.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre, 2012.

AR: We had no technology to speak of. When I think of then and I see all the cars in Whithorn which is such a difference you know, such an extraordinary difference and you realise now the amount of domestic technology we’ve taken on since then. When I think back then, the technology then was the population [yes] and we had people who were, who came and did the washing and people who looked after us as children and so we knew by name and well most of the population of Whithorn it seemed then.