Mollie Carnan on the role of the Kitchen in her childhood home.

molly carnan

Mollie Carnan interviewed by Kirsty Robertson in Newton Stewart, July 2012.

Mollie recalls the many uses of the kitchen in her childhood home on the Kilrodan Estate, Newton Stewart.

  • Interviewed: 27 July 2012.
  • Ref: DG10/5/1/2.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre.


KR: So it was a, was it an estate cottage that you were livin in?

MC: Yes. My father worked on the estate.

KR: What did he do?

MC: He was a forester. He was there for 55 years.

KR: And did you help your mum in the kitchen when you were wee?

MC: Oh yes, getting in her road probably (laughter).

KR: An what kind of jobs did you, do you remember what kind of jobs she gave you to do?

MC: Well we got to help her to bake – which was during the week. We got to help her to do the bakin, an that. Bring the sticks in, the coal in, go and get the water – carry it in and then we had to carry it back out usually.

KR: And, eh, did anything else go on in your kitchen, apart from the cooking? Did, was there any, did yer mum do the washin or the ironing or was there a bed in the kitchen?

MC: Oh she did the ironin in the kitchen but the washin was done outside – like in a big tub and a scrubbing board. But it was all done outside.

KR: An what kind of iron did yer mum use? Was it a flat-iron? Did she put it on the fire?

MC: Put it on the fire, yes.

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