Miss Margaret Templeton and Miss Jean Templeton talk about shops

Shops: Miss Margaret Templeton and Miss Jean Templeton interviewed in Stranraer by Nancy McLucas for the Stranraer and District Local History Trust.


MT: (poor quality sound) And they stayed open all day on a Friday. Remember?

JT: Yes, I’ve said that, I said that.

NMcL: Was that, that was Market Day of course.

MT: Oh Market, Friday Market Day! That’s another thing to tell you. In our days of going to the school, to the Academy, we’d to beware on a Friday cos that was ‘cow day’. (laughter) Cows came in off the boat and there was a layerage down there and sometimes they were being transported, well they weren’t being transported they’d to walk from the layerage down there up to the station to go away an [unclear] or the reverse. And we’re goin’ back to the school, ‘Oh, here cows!’. And sometimes we popped into somebody’s front garden, just till the cows got passed.

JT: Now Margaret, the story about the bull.

MT: Oh yes.

JT: I think it was in a shop that it was witnessed.

MT: It was in Thompsons, John Thompsons. Two or three people inside the shop and a man came in, ‘Huv any o you fellas seen a bul?’ (laughter). This was on a Friday.

JT: A bull had escaped from somewhere.

MT: Whether the ‘bul’ was ever found I don’t know. I don’t think it could’ve done any damage, but that wis the tale. So.