Mrs Mary Sisi talks about railways

Railways: Mary Sisi, 88 years of age, interviewed in Newton Stewart by Kirsty Robertson. Mary worked at Newton Stewart railway station during WWII.

    Interviewed: July 2012.

  • Ref: DG10/2/1/2.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre, 2012.

MS: (background noise from activity in day-centre) There was a vacancy came up for a booking clerk or clerkess at the station. So I applied, that one I did apply for and I was there for the 6 years during the war time [WWII].

KR: Oh that would have been very interesting.

MS: It was. It was all around … there’s lots o forces and of course they had all to move, and you found out where an awful lot of places were that you’d never knew (laughter). They would ask for certain, and then your had to find out where they’d to change the [sound of door being opened] the train and all these kind. I enjoyed it up there, it was very … and on a Sunday we had to go, one of the employees had to go out on a Sunday because they sent the rabbits from Nelson’s (Yes, they definitely were – comment from another lady attending the day centre) on the train. And they sent, in the spring time, they sent the snowdrops.

KR: Of course.

MS: And then the train went straight from London to Euston, so the flowers arrived in Euston for the morning market.