Marion Sutherland on walking as a child

Marion Sutherland being interviewed by Julia Muir Watt on 24 April 2013, in Kirkinner.

marion sutherland
Interviewed: 24 April 2013.
Ref: DG4/19/1/2.
© European Ethnological Research Centre, 2016.

Marion recalls the long distances walked as a child as a matter of routine and necessity.


JMW: And presumably the catchment area included the surrounding countryside until you got, presumably into Whithorn’s catchment area?

MS: Very small. The same as the community council catchment area, it’s very, very small. Port Yerrick children came to Whithorn school. The whole of Burrowhead. Anybody living up at Burrowhead, at Cutclouy they came to the Isle, obviously. But in these days there was no such thing as school transport. I mean, I remember Caroline Mills having to… she was just a wee bit older than me, but whatever the weather was, if she was gonna come to school she had to walk from Burrowhead, from Cutcluoy. There was no such thing as, she had no transport and that was that. She was just born at a time when there was nobody with a car around I suppose, and if the farmer’s children had been old enough or whatever, she might have got a lift down, but otherwise, they weren’t, so … It was a case of you went to school, I think, when the weather wasn’t too bad. It was a long walk…

JMW: It’s an awful walk, yeah…

MS: When she was five! And then going to Douglas Ewart, the Douglas Ewart bus left here, left the Isle, in these days, at ten to eight. It was a minibus. So we’d to be up and about, to be in the village for ten to eight. If you’d had to walk… two three miles, practically impossible. Yeah, the Ewart, in these days, there weren’t so many went to the Douglas Ewart, obviously, so it was a minibus from the Isle, and then you got the bus from Whithorn at the station, initially. Went down to the station, the trains were still running. Well, the goods trains were still running, it was that stage, so you went down to the station and got the bus there.

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