Lucy Owen on her first home in Newton Stewart

Lucy Owen interviewed by Kirsty Robertson on 3 June 2013 in Newton Stewart.

Lucy recalls her first married home and the worries of taking-on a mortgage.

  • Interviewed: 3 June 2013.
  • Ref: DG10/13/1/2.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre, 2016.


KR: When ye were married, where did you go to stay?

LO: In Newton Stewart.

KR: In Newton Stewart. Did you have your own house?

LO: Yes. Yes. We bought a house because we were goinn, an we thought it would be round our neck. It was one of the first early stages in getting a mortgage. And we thought, ‘That house’ll be round our necks all out days. Are we wise?’. You know?

KR: Because not many people [LO: Did] That’s right.

LO: But because we, it was just the start. But because you know that if people were moving a lot they would never think of it. But we know your business was there an you were better to try an get somewhere which would be suitable.

KR: An can ye remember how much your first house cost?

LO: £3,000. Yes.

KR: And what did you get for that?

LO: Oh it was the first house. It was a semi-detached, lovely house. Yes, a lovely house. So that was it. An you, and you didn’t expect to get it all done-up. It was an older house, but ye did one room. And then you were content and you would do another. But nowadays they have to have them all done before they go in. [KR: Before they move-in, yeah.] Before they move-in.

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