Leaving home and married life at 16 years of age

Kate Nichol interviewed by Robert McQuistan on 14 January 2014, in Carsluith.
Ref: DG2-7-1-2
© European Ethnological Research Centre, 2017.

Robert asks Kate about the beginning of her married life at a house on the shore at Carsluith known as ‘The Weir’

KN:  Ah wis only sixteen when ah went tae the Weir.

RM: Really?

KN:  Aye.

RM:  Is that when ye were marit?

KN:  Aye, ah wis marit when ah, ah got marit when ah was sixteen, aye, in the May an ah went tae the Weir in the June.

RM:  Ye were a young lass.

KN:  Ah ken ah was, but however, ah’ve struggled on an it’s been fifty-three years noo. [?]

RM:  Was that the first time ye left hame?

KN:  Aye.  That’s the first time ah wis ever left hame, ah come fae Gatehouse oot tae Carsluith.

RM:  An hoo did ye feel aboot that?  At first?

KN:  Well, of course, when ye think the world o somebody ye’ll gang onywhere wi them, won’t ye?

RM:  Aye.

KN:  Aye, ye’ll gaun onywhere.

RM:  So ye’ll pit up wi that, pit up wi it?

KN:  Aye.

RM:  Because you were movin fae a hoose where yer mother an faither…

KN:  Aye, with electricity an water.

RM: Oh right.

KN:  Aye.

RM:  Oh right.

KN:  Riverbank, we stayed in Riverbank.

RM:  So ye were yist tae haen [?] so called mod cons.

KN:  Aye, that’s right ah was, aye.  And then ah come fae Riverbank oot tae the Weir where there was nothing, tae live in a room.

RM:  So, ah mean all ah can say is ye must have loved the fella an awfy lot tae come an [laughter].

KN:  Well, ah seem tae have done, ah could chuck him oot an ah’m still wi him yet, aye.

RM:  An did ye no get the shock o yer life?

KN:  Ah did, ah did for a wee while, ye ken, it wis quite queer for a wee while for tae be jist in…

RM:  At that age.

KN:  …aye, an stuck in yin room, aye stuck in yin room.

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