Mrs Isobel Sutherland talks about shops

Isobel Sutherland

Isobel Sutherland, 57 years of age, interviewed in Castle Douglas by Marion Campbell. Isobel grew-up in Ringford and speaks about life and changes in the village.

  • Interviewed: July 2012.
  • Ref: DG8/1/1/4.
  • © Photo: Marion Campbell.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre, 2012.


MC: And how often would you have gone into Dumfries?

IS: Not, we never, like ah said, Dumfries wis, it seemed such a lang wuy away, and such a distance place for us, I don’t know. Like I said earlier on, like, ma granny would take us on shopping trips and that was really exciting because ye were getting gang on the bus wi yer granny. And if you were lucky you would get a double-decker and there wis certain bits o the road – I’m just tryin ae think, it must have been between, it must have been between Castle Douglas and Springholm, Crocketford – cos the road used to be really windy and sometimes the trees had overgrowin they wid touch the windaes o the bus an that, an that wis quite exciting as weel. And we said to ma granny, ‘do you think them …’ and we used to look doon, I remember lookin doon, there wis a certain bit just before you get intae Dumfries when there was a hoose a way doon, away doon in the, and you wid say, ‘Ah!’ and we used to ca it in the hoose in the hole! ‘Do you think we’ll see the hoose in the hole?’ And I mean that wis jist excitement for us seein a these different things. But getting into Dumfries wis, and I remember Dumfries up the vennel an that it was such a busy, busy bustling place. Wi shops a up the vennel and, you were just overwhelmed by the amount of folk an a these great big shops but it wis Binns that ye went, ye went tae.  That ma granny used tae gang tae like ah said and she wid hunt for material or she wid be making a bridesmaid’s frock or a. Because she made, she, she did a lot o sewin ma granny, no knittin so much but she did sew a lot and she made ma, ma sisters’ weddin dresses and bridesmaids’ frocks and she made ma, ma mum’s sisters’ weddin dresses and bridesmaids’ frocks an, (clock chimes) so we didnae, aye, Dumfries wis. We used to gang, when we were teenagers, mair tae buy, to buy new records an that wis about the only time we went, we wid gang tae Dumfries really. And sometimes we got the bus an sometimes we’re gang oot an see if we could get a lift. I just depended, like ah said, on what your money situation wis.