Mr George (Geordie) McMillan talks about school discipline

George McMillan at Craigneston, near Moniaive.

George McMillan at Craigneston, near Moniaive.

George McMillan at Craigneston, near Moniaive.School discipline: George (Geordie) McMillan, 72 years of age, interviewed at Craigneston by his daughter Kerry Allan. George was a farm worker who has lived and worked in and around Moniaive for most of his life.

  • Interviewed: May and July 2012.
  • Ref: DG1/1/1/2.
  • © Photo: Kerry Allan.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre, 2012.

KA: Were you ever disciplined at school did they use the cane or?

GMcM: Yeah well they used the strap, it was the strap. Ah have had the strap, not very nice. Ah don’t think I ever had the strap at Wallace Hall Academy, but they were using it there. But I definitely had it at the Primary school.

KA: And how did you feel about that? Were you scared?

GMcM: I felt it was barbaric and it should never go back to it now. Because one incident always sticks in my mind. When I was about 9 there was a girl – I don’t know what she did – but the women who was teaching us  was quite keen to use the belt and she was going to give her the belt and when she went to hit her, she pulled her hand away. She was so, and she was crying, she was in a terrible state. And the teacher got another teacher to actually hold her arm out so she could give her the belt and I really felt that was a terrible way tae treat people. That’s why I would never want them to bring back the belt because I think some teachers actually really enjoyed using it.