Fiona Ross on childhood summers in Wanlockhead

fiona ross

Fiona Ross, 45 years of age, interviewed by Marylin Pickburn at Wanlockhead.

Interviewed: 5 July 2012.
Ref: DG21-1-1-2.
© European Ethnological Research Centre, 2016.

Fiona recalls the hot summers and how the tar on the roads melted in the Wanlockhead of her childhood. 

FR: We were outside all the time at the weekends. And in the summer holidays you’d be out all day. You would just come-in for your lunch, back out an …

MP: Were the good summers, weather wise?

FR: Brilliant. Proper summers. Ah remember, you used tae get into ever such trouble when the tar used tae melt on the road. It wis that warm that the tar on the road used to bubble.

MP: Boy she must have been …

FR: Yeah, an we used tae walk on our bare feet on it. Because this was in .. An ah remember ma mum used tae go mad, just scrub me feet wi a nail-brush!

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