Dumfries Museum

Dumfries Museum

The Observatory

Rotchell Road

Dumfries DG2 7SW


T. 01387 253374

E. dumfriesmuseum@dumgal.gov.uk

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The Dumfries Museum holds a rich collection of artefacts ranging from prehistoric times to the present day. It is also home to a range of documents (such as William Grierson’s original manuscript diaries) and paintings. New items, from embroidered table cloths to clocks, are constantly being donated, and the Museum makes a point of collecting objects that can help give a picture of what life was like in the region.

The Museum has a private collection of books that is used for researching exhibitions and for answering enquiries. They are listed in a catalogue that can be searched by subject and keywords. The following publications have also been indexed by the ‘Friends of the Museum’:


  • The Transactions of the Dumfries and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society (including series three). The index can be searched not just by title and author, but also by place and personal names. It also includes a short summary of each article.
  • Burns Chronicle (the official publication of the Burns Federation) from 1892 onwards.
  • Dumfries Monthly Magazine (random selection) for the years 1821-1826.
  • Some issues of the Weekly Magazine from 1773 onwards.
  • The Agricultural Survey for Dumfriesshire of 1812.
  • William McDowall’s History of the Burgh of Dumfries (the 1986 edition with Alfred Truckell’s notes).
  • The Gallovidian Quarterly and Annual (1899-1949).