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There are a number of societies throughout Dumfries and Galloway undertaking research into local life and society, past and present. As a result of their endeavours, there is already a wealth of primary source material available for the ethnological study of the region, from tape-recorded and written interviews to collections of photographs. Books and pamphlets on a wide range of topics relating to local history and culture have also been produced (see the Bibliography elsewhere on this website). For a full list of local societies with their contacts see Researching Local History: A Guide to Sources held by Dumfries and Galloway Council, 2009, 109-18, and Only a selection are listed here. Please send us details if you would like your society added to the list.

Auchencairn Historical Society

Auchencairn Historical Society The website of the Society states, ‘Auchencairn History Society was formed in order to provide an organisation to collect and keep available the increasing amount of historical information and records of…