Billy Young give a rendition of the fair cry given at the Langholm Common Riding

Interviewed: 3 March 2013.
Ref: DG3-4-1-2
© European Ethnological Research Centre, 2016.

Billy Young give a rendition of the fair cry given at the Langholm Common Riding

MT-J: If you could give us a rendition of the fair cry an I think that would be fantastic.

BY: Oh gentlemen, we have gaun roon our hill, so now I think it right we had a fill against strang punch, t’would mak us a’ to sing. Because this day we have done a guid thing, for gaunning roon our hill we think nae shame, because frae it oor peats and flaks come hame, so now I will conclude and say nae mair, but gin yer a’ pleased, I’ll cry the Langholm Fair. Oy’s yes! That’s yin time, Oy’s yes! That’s twee times. Oy’s yes! That’s the third and the last time. This is to gie notice that there’s a muckle fair to be hadden in the muckle toon o’ the Langholm, on the Fifteenth day of July I’ll auld style upon His Grace The Duke of Buccleuch’s merk land for the [ ? ] days and upwards, and a’ land-loupers and dub-scoupers and gae by the gate swingers that come here to breed hurdums or durdums, huliments or buliments, hagglements or bragglements, or come here to molest this public fair, they shall be ta’en by order o’ the Baillie and the Toon cooncil and their lugs shall be nailed to the Tron wi’ a twallpenny nail, and they shall get doon on their bare knies and pray, seeven times to the King, and thrice to the muckle Laird o’ Ralton, and pee a groat tae my, Jamie ferguson Baillie o’ the aforesaid manor. So now we’ll awa hame, and hae a barley bannock and a saut herring to me denner, be the way o’ auld style!

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