Betty Hutt on Lochmaben Sanatorium

Betty Hutt

Betty Hutt interviewed by Margaret Smith.

Betty remembers comments made by a porter at Lochmaben Sanatorium.

  • Interviewed: 16 January 2015.
  • Ref: DG38/12/1/2.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre.


MS:  And was there porters? And groundsmen?

BH:  Yes, there was porters. And there used to be a wee hut at the end o the drive. Like, for the buses, you know, you could use that. But one o the porters said that it was, “a den of immortality!” and he didn’t think that it should be used. He meant immorality but he says immortality [laughter]. And the same porter said – he must’ve been in the union, he was a union man – and he, the nurses were gettin cloaks. But he though the men should get cloaks too because they had to be able to tell the time as well. [laughter as he was mistaking the word ‘cloak’ for the Scots pronunciation of clock]