Agnes Murdoch on her childhood home

Agnes Murdoch, 76 years of age, interviewed by Kirsty Robertson on 9 September 2012, in Newton Stewart.

Interviewed: 9 September 2012.
Ref: DG10-11-1-2.
© European Ethnological Research Centre, 2016.

Agnes Murdoch recalls the sleeping arrangements in her childhood home in Newton Stewart. 

AM: And eventually we got a gas cooker. Mum was scared of gas. But, big containers, ye know? She had this gas cooker. There wisnae any electricity at that time. In the … there wis one bedroom, bathroom and sittin room. But, my gran stayed with us for years – ma mum’s mum.

KR: Yer mum’s mum. Where did they all sleep?

AM: Well, ma sister slept wi ma gran in the double bed of the bedroom. I slept on the mattress on the floor! After I was 9, it was, ma brother came along when a wis 9, so he got the cot. [laughter] So best bed never later [laughter].

KR: So this was all in the bedroom? Crikey!

AM: Uhuh. Oh the cot, the cot, the cot wis in the livin room.

KR: An, what about yer mum an dad? Where were they?

AM: Ah, their bedroom, their bed wis in the livingroom. I can’t remember how we contrived it.

KR: Oh, it was in the livingroom.

AM: Yes. That doesnae leave a lot of room.

KR: No.

AM: Now there was a chiffonier in it too [laughter].

KR: A chiffonier? What is that again?

AM: Well, it’s sort of, it’s a side-board but it has got a back on it wi shelves that you could sit nice plates, or whatever, up, aye.

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