Mr George (Geordie) McMillan talks about diet

George McMillan at Craigneston, near Moniaive.

George McMillan at Craigneston, near Moniaive.

Diet: George (Geordie) McMillan, 72 years of age, interviewed at Craigneston by his daughter Kerry Allan.

George was a farm worker who has lived and worked in and around Moniaive for most of his life.

  • Interviewed: May and July 2012.
  • Ref: DG1/1/1/2.
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre, 2012.

G McM: And ah can remember one time, my mother must have went away with her sister on a bus tour, and my dad decided he would cook and unknown to us he’d been boilin the potatoes on the open-fire, and a bit of soot had fell in.

KA: That sounds horrible.

G McM: And he couldn’t get it all out, but he never let on, he just mashed the potatoes (laughs) and everybody ate them, and he never come clean until about a week later and he said, ‘Aye you lot never noticed what happened with the potatoes.’ (laughs)

(laughs) And you didn’t taste it in the potatoes?

G McM: We thought the wee black bits was just bits o the potatoes obviously (laughs)

KA: some pepper or something?

G McM: (laughs) Didnae do anybody any harm though.