Mrs Helen Harmer talks about diet

Diet: Helen Harmer, 90 years of age, interviewed in Newton Stewart by Kirsty Robertson. Her grandfather had a fishmonger/poulterer business in Newton Stewart.

  • Interviewed: July 2012.
  • Ref: DG10/1/1/2
  • © European Ethnological Research Centre, 2012.

KR: And can ye remember what kind o things she made you tae, tae eat usually, what was the kind of, usual meats?

HH: Oh well we had a very good diet.  A lot o soup, she made a lot o soup and the mince and tatties was [unclear] (laughs). And then we had the salmon and the chicken and the pheasants and everything like that from my grandfather’s business. Of course there was no freezers in these days and the family just used-up what was left, aye.

KR: And do you remember anything about any special meals you had during the year?

KR:HH: Oh we always had birthday parties with big dumplings with charms, sixpences – threepences, threepences. And small charms rolled-up in paper and you had to be careful you didn’t choke (laughs). And there was always rows if somebody got two in their portion. And Christmas of course.

KR: What did you have at Christmas?

HH: Turkey, or goose, or chicken from the shop again.